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ABOUT Jane Bregazzi & Jonathan Chase

Jane Bregazzi and Jonathan Chase the Hypnotist #hypnoarts

Hey there, there’s certainly a lot to say in all these years since I met Jonathan Chase in 2000. He was then and still is ‘Britain’s Leading Hypnotist’ not in a therapy sense. Therapy he argues is for sick people, and believes the very word engenders the I am broken syndrome, or the excuse that you have something wrong with you therefore you are sick. He is very good. I’m testament to that.

The story of our meeting is one of chance maybe, synergy, synchronicity or a resonate desire into the Universe to be free of my accursed social anxiety disorder that had held me back since I was a young teenager.

Actually the internet was responsible as I was in Cornwall and he was in his home town of Cannock in Staffordshire. One of the first internet dating sites! To cut a long story short on our first meeting in a pub in Devon – BOOM 35 years of anxiety and a hyperactive thyroid – all gone just like that.

Here’s me explaining exactly how this happened on the original CHiNOSIS workshop. The workshop the whole method is available as a video on demand.


This story is only unique in the fact that it was me and not somebody else. So many people get into hypnosis through the route of wow! This really works and at the time I wanted to tell the whole world about this. So, I became Osis Training because I thought he, (Jonathan) had to teach others to do what he had done for me.

About Hypnoarts Jonathan Chase & Jane Bregazzi

A couple of years later we became a Ltd business, as the Academy of Hypnotic Arts, mostly training people in Direct Suggestion Hypnosis, not so much for therapy but for Entertainment and Performance. We didn’t do therapy we did goal achievement. And I edited and published his first book ‘Deeper and Deeper – the secrets of stage hypnosis’.

Writing my Book Academy of Hypnotic Arts publishing

Dangerous SUCCESS

We were very successful and were into a 6 figure income. With such a large income, (not huge by any standards) but on your own comes the stresses and strains and overwhelm. We couldn’t go any further without that team, and really even if you have the luxury of a team, that team still needs managed and that’s a learning curve in itself. Sometimes it’s enough to want a lifestyle, not a sellable business. If you’ve ever read Tim Ferris’s ‘4hr workweek’, you’ll realise that even that needs managing, even if it is just yourself! 

We reached overwhelm and stopped

This was just after we’d been to Vegas invited as we were to the inaugural Hypnothoughts Live conference. We realised there that we had slipped into the therapy world and didn’t like it.

This was Jon on stage and in the seminar room in Las Vegas. The show was on his bucket list 🙂


Since that time in Las Vegas, we’ve taken a step back re-grouped and learnt to focus.

Now as HypnoArts we are older and wiser, more relaxed. 

We are now semi-retired having hit that age and of course, no longer need the hassle of working for yourself or running a business.

Jon’s books are all out there for buying plus his videos, which are still purchasable from the subconscious skills training room.

We’re still online occasionally, on Facebook and other platforms.