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learn hypnosis Academy Hypnotic Arts online with Jonathan Chase the hypnotist

Learn Hypnosis – Academy Hypnotic Arts.
Helping professional people helpers and leaders get and give life changing experiences, training and products using hypnosis and its allied arts since 2001

Learn Hypnosis Online Video Courses

Learn Hypnosis Online Video (CPD certified)  Tutorials

Be a Better Hypnotist; Learn with Jonathan ChaseBritain’s Leading Hypnotist” his Fast and Effective ‘content free’ Hypnosis Techniques that get you working more effectively for happier clients and more rewards for you.

Learn Hypnosis Online Video Courses Original Hypnosis MasterClass with Jonathan Chase the Hypnotist
Original Hypnosis Masterclass
 Learn the basics of Direct Suggestion Hypnosis  because you want to transform the way you help people

Learn Hypnosis Online Video Courses Hypnotic Symbolism tutorial with Jonathan Chase the Hypnotist
Hypnotic Symbolism
has been called the Silver Bullet Technique it is content free, and will explode your client successes
Learn Hypnosis Online Video Courses The Easy Way to remove Fears and Phobias with Jonathan Chase the Hypnotist
The Easy Way To Remove Fears and Phobias

Remove fears & phobias by using the same Psychological system that put them there
Learn Hypnosis Online Video Courses Psychic Past Life Recall with Jonathan Chase the Hypnotist
Psychic Past Life Recall
Imagine being able to facilitate Past Life Recall without the need for Hypnotic Trance to happen
Learn Hypnosis Online Video Courses Direct Suggestion and the Move It Technique with Jonathan Chase the Hypnotist
Direct Suggestion and the ‘Move It’ technique
 Just Imagine helping people overcome their Anxiety and Pain, quickly and more confidently
Subconscious Communication Academy Online Tutorial Jonathan Chase the Hypnotist
Subconscious Communication
How to treat the subconscious as a person and talk to it using ideomotor responses, because Hypnosis is a conversation
Impromptu and stage hypnosis jonathan chase
Impromptu, Demonstration and Stage Hypnosis MasterClass
Jonathan introduces hypnosis used by the Stage and Street hypnotist in a fast and fun fashion.
Hypnotically working with groups Academy Online Tutorial Jonathan Chase The Hypnotist
Hypnotically working with groups.
 Knowing how to present Hypnosis confidently to groups, boosts your credibility and 1on1 client base

Discover More Online from the Academy and Jonathan Chase Tutorials

Dawn Rowley Hypnotherapist Testimonial Hypnotic Symbolism“Did this on-line course yesterday Hypnotic Symbolism and tried this technique today for the first time. My client left feeling so ‘awesomely happy and free’ he literally bounced out. I think this is going to be one of the biggest and most used tools in my hypnotist toolbox.”
 Dawn Rowley

Hypnotic Symbolism

Steve Sheldon on Hypnotic Symbolism Academy Online Tutorial with Jonathan Chase the Hypnotist“Holy shit! I love this symbolism. Yesterday I had a guy come to me about being nervous for an interview. Now I am at work when I am doing this. I sat him down started the process. 10 mins later he was ready to go. An hour later he comes walking down the hallway with the biggest smile on his face. He came in ‘Steve I killed it! It was the best interview I ever had’.”
 Steve Sheldon

Academy Hypnotic Arts Publishing

Academy of Hypnotic Arts
Books, Kindle and Digital Media

Be a Better Hypnotist and Influencer. Books are still the number 1 source for Information and Learning. A book is a 200 page business card that people pay you to own, proudly advertise on their shelf, and often when they’ve finished reading it will pass it on.

Deeper and Deeper the secrets of stage hypnosis by Jonathan Chase the HypnotistDEEPER & DEEPER -the secrets of stage hypnosis by Jonathan Chase
“This book is all you will need. Buy it, read it, read it again, learn it. Job done.”
DON’T LOOK IN HIS EYES – how to be a confident original hypnotist by Jonathan Chase
Jonathan a remarkable hypnotist.
“Excellent book, please publish more.”
Jon’s best book. “Real exercises to hone your ability to connect with those who are your core clientele, whether that’s in sales, relationships, or hypnosis clients.”

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Digital Media Video on Demand

Streaming video is a great way to learn, it has no borders, you need a phone a tablet, a computer or TV.

Here at the Academy of Hypnotic Arts we have been using this medium since 2006, when we published CHiNOSIS as our first learning online experience using the same technology that ‘the Secret’ first used when it hit the world, with it’s knowledge of Universal abundance.

Now Digital media is mainstream and available to all.

Available DVDs if Digital isn’t your thing with FREE WorldWide Shipping

Hypnosis Installed DVD with Jonathan Chase the Hypnotist

HYPNOSIS INSTALLED 3 Disc DVD version with FREE worldwide shipping £125
(approx USD$155 – NTSC/available)

Chinosis DVD self help energy psychology system with Jonathan Chase the Hypnotist and Jane Bregazzi

CHINOSIS energy psychology 2 Disc audio & video DVD version with FREE worldwide shipping £97
(approx USD$120)