Stuck Selling You

The Simple Guide To Self-Promotion
by Serena Stone

If you are Self Employed and looking for a simple guide to help you expand and grow your self and your business through understanding self actualization, then you need this book by personal promotion expert, Serena S Stone, that reveals how you can. . .

  • Stop Lying To Yourself
  • Get The Freedom To Choose
  • Be Your True Self

This book, Stuck Selling You gives you easy to do strategies and techniques to quickly develop a FREE TO BE ME PHILOSOPHY. Changing your core beliefs so you can be your true self.

“Promoting Yourself Starts with Finding You”




Serena lives in Wisconsin is a parent, grandparent and a former husband. Now she travels a lot in her role as comedy magician and stage hypnotist and public speaker on many topics such as diversity and inclusion, sexual harassment issues, sales, management and business consultation in general.

After working as an aerial combat motion picture photographer in the military she spent 20 years in sales and as an entrepreneur running six figure businesses. She won second place at Toast masters and has amassed several best salesman trophies.  

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