Podcasters Mastery

The Definitive Guide To Boosting Your Celebrity With Your Voice
by David Ralph 

Britain’s #1 Podcaster

If you’re an Entrepreneur and Business owner and you’re looking to succeed and grow your business. Then in the pages of this book by Podcasting expert, David Ralph, you will find how, by boosting your celebrity with your voice in true Podcasting style, you can. . . 

  • Scale Your Free-Time
  • Explode Your Profile and
  • Get Speaking Opportunities

This book, Podcasters Mastery gives you easy to do strategies and techniques to quickly develop your voice that will give you an easy route to boosting your business goals. David Ralph also reveals his secret sauce to getting your voice globally recognised in the easiest route possible by revealing how…

“iTunes is your secret weapon”



David lives in Essex with his family living the life of his dreams podcasting, away from the corporate world where he started working.

He became a Group Training Manager for Hood Group Ltd. presenting soft skills, key skills and compliance training in Banking and Insurance, and before that as a Sales and Service Manager for National Westminster Bank, he won the regional award for increasing the ROI by 256% for three years running. He also became a popular keynote speaker in and around the city of London.

Now, he records podcasts from his studio at the back of his garden, Join Up Dots, and he enjoys pub lunches and watching Netflix in the afternoon.

No matter who you are, you can take control of your life and scale your free time through the power of podcasting --that is the message of David Ralph's book. He is honest, raw, and completely authentic. His uncanny ability to be himself is refreshing and timely! Reading his book felt as though I was sitting in a pub having a chat with a good mate!
Steve Reza
Steve Rezza
Knife Makers Mastery
If you want to learn everything you need to know about starting your podcast in ONE afternoon, then look no further. This transcript of an interview with David is an easy read. The eight easy steps he reveals are the roadmap to launching your podcast and doing it quickly. I wish I would have had this when I started!
Dana Wilde
Dana Wilde
Bestselling Author of 'Train Your Brain' and Host of The Mind Aware Show
Learning what you should do from a massively successful podcaster is so valuable...but even more valuable is understanding what you DON’T need to bother with to be a success. This book will keep you focused, inspired and remove any barriers that are keeping you from creating a winning podcast.
Mark Egan
Mark Egan
Ex-BBC reporter and now a Mobile Video Expert

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