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"The books are written in the style of a conversation. Framed in such a way as to allow the reader to feel like they have accessed life changing information by overhearing it somewhere like a coffee shop."
Amazon Reviewer
from - Clear Your Head - Tim Box
"What a simple straightforward read. No lengthy passages about theory. A simple truth. If you are using drugs to ease your situation you can change, take your life back from the monster that is your drug of choice."
Amazon Reviewer
from - Starve the Monster - Hugh Quigley
"An easy read that makes you realize a healthy mind set really is an easily achievable goal. I enjoyed being able to read the entire book in a short period of time and then to be able to dip in and out of the chapters."
Amazon Customer
from - Emotion Lotion - Fiona Ross
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HypnoArtsBOOKS are designed to be read on the go, on the beach, on a commute, on a long lunch. Edutainment the way it should be: fast, fun, effective, delivered as simply as possible.

A straightforward, practical and unpadded format often the transcript of an interview,  talks to you, not at you.

We aim to make our authors work easily digestible and available to all Styles of learning, we believe this helps information retention and recall, and is almost Hypnotic in its effect.