If you’re a technology user, and you’re wondering how to take technology breaks, then this remarkable book by technology consciousness expert, Tim Moorey, reveals how you can get your time back.

This is a unique opportunity to have this PROVEN technology consciousness authority take you by the hand and:

  • Be in control
  • Improve your attention
  • Experience more choices

“The term ‘technology consciousness’ coined and clearly articulated within ‘TECH OFF’ is a fantastic one and there’s a very real chance that this could actually be the most useful and rewarding short book you will read all year. This is not about any digital ‘luddite’ resistance to the rapidly evolving potential of technology however – it is about developing what will soon I am certain be recognised as critical emotional intelligence survival skills. If you get one hour a day or even a week back as a result of reading this then that’s got to be worthwhile, right?” Angus Macrea – Information Technology and Assurance

Meet Tim Moorey


Tim Moorey lives in Devon and is a devoted husband and family man with two sons, four dogs and a rabbit.

He is an expert in technology consciousness, whose accomplishments include an HNC in Technology Engineering, and being Microsoft certified, as well as being an experienced and certified Information System Security professional.

Outside of technology he is, an NLP Master Practitioner and Reiki Master Practitioner and a certified laughter yoga leader, and is the published author of the Illustrated Happiness Guide.

For a book written by such an experienced IT professional, it’s definitely something that is easy to read, and understandable by a not so tech-savvy audience.
IT leader Open University, Toronto, Canada
The challenge is to read this book and identify which page you appear on. The second challenge is then to decide if you want to run your life or let technology dictate yours.
Information Security & Data Protection Manager​
From social media addiction, to the blurred lines between home life and career, this is a must-read for anyone who is caught up in the technology treadmill and can’t find the off button!”
Technology Futurist and Columnist

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