(Read on even if you already own a DVD copy of Hypnosis Installed)

From the http://Hypnoarts.com/xmas desk, Jonathan Chase's Hypnosis Installed learn hypnosis from home clearout for christmas!

As you’ll know, Hypnosis Installed is a 3 Disc High quality professionally shot and edited DVD with original music, filming, production, editing and graphics.

Devised to work best on your TV with the lights off and headphones on, this 3 DVD program is designed to get you confident and skilful in the art of Hypnosis and Hypnotic Symbolism by using 'Hypnotic Osmosis’ - all you need to do is just watch - learn - use.

Your DVD copy of this would normally cost £125 (The Online version - Video On Demand is £97) but the stock clearance XMAS SALE PRICE is just £57 and that's including world-wide Shipping! 

 If you need more details copy and paste http://hypnoarts.com/xmas into your browser.

Happy Christmas

PS: Already own a copy of the Hypnosis Installed DVD? 

Email and ask me for a deal on any products you haven't got, including Tutorials and Programmes from our Online Training site: 

Get your copy for just £57 (approx $74.58 USD) including worldwide shippin

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