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Clairvoyance and Past Life Recall

“An evening of edutainment and enlightenment.”

Becky Willougby

Internationally Renown Clairvoyant Medium
and special guest

Jonathan Chase

“Britain’s Leading Hypnotist”
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Includes the unique "Switch On Your Psychic" Psychic Energy Transfer

Members of the audience are invited on stage to recall past lives and incarnations.

Volunteers will have the opportunity to Switch on their Psychic live on stage and experience and share their own cleared sight [ Clairvoyance ]. 

Plus a unique Q&A with Becky and Jon where you get all of your metaphysical questions answered.


Becky Willoughby

Intuitive Medium, Becky has been internationally recognised remotely finding lost pets and people by the global press. Author of Switch On Your Psychic, on stage her warmth, happy heart and accurate messaging place her among the leading exponents of the psychic arts..

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"Your mind in safe hands" Central ITV

Jonathan Chase

Jonathan is an award winning stage hypnotist and author of the book A Passion For Past Lives. He developed  the Psychic Past-life Recall Resonance method where his friends on stage join him to discover if you have lived before.

Only 4 VIP Tickets Left
Includes book, book signing, photo op, show involvement guaranteed and preferred seating.

NOTE: VIP Tickets are not available from the theatre box-office
Limited number 10 only 4 left please book early to avoid disappointment.

Teignmouth Pavilions Theatre
15th September 2018 8pm
Tickets £15 + £12.50
Box Office 01626 249049

Note: Volunteers must be 18+ and not under medication or the psychiatric care of a doctor. NO formal hypnosis is used in this show.

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