Are we Aware of our Subconscious?

are we aware of the subconscious #hypnoarts jonathan chase the hypnotist

Are we aware of our subconscious? Do you think one of the things stopping people from being better, is being unaware of their subconscious, and if so why? You are very Aware of your subconscious process, at least of the results of it. And you can understand that process better and use it. I prefer … Read more Are we Aware of our Subconscious?

5 Emotional Tools of Influence

5 emotional tools of influence #hypnoarts jonathan chase the hypnotist

Emotional Tools of Influence Hey Jonathan Chase here, In the manual of my online training of the hypnotic Influence Subconscious Skills, I show you how to utilise the five most influential drives: and because it’s your natural drives you are using to influence, this is an easy and powerful education. Compliance Compliance is the desire … Read more 5 Emotional Tools of Influence

Social Media the Time Sucker

Social media Time Sucker

Time is one of our most expensive commodities, once spent it can never be recovered.

The rise and rise and rise of technology has in recent years become the worst waster of time in the universe.

It creates FOMO in most of us that use devices either for business or social interaction and especially addictive for children, who haven’t yet understood the mesmerising nature of it.

Neither have they understood that it sucks the very time out of your time purse, and that one day it will be spent, your purse will be empty – there will be no more.

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Podcasters Mastery

Podcasters Mastery David Ralph

The definitive guide to boosting your celebrity with your voice I’m guessing that you’re reading or listening to this because you might feel that you’re drifting through life in a lack lustre way and that being an entrepreneur or business owner is no longer connecting you to the life you want, or wanted to live, … Read more Podcasters Mastery

Stuck Selling You?

Stuck Selling You Serena S. Stone #hypnoartsbooks

STUCK SELLING YOU? – The Simple Guide To Self-Promotion by Serena S. Stone Introduction In today’s world, much is said about authenticity, knowing yourself and others, and I’m guessing that you’re reading or listening to this because you’ve been boxed in by parents, peers, authority figures who are dictating and dominating your every move, that … Read more Stuck Selling You?