How To Become A HypnoArts Author

I’ve been going to write a book for years!

It’s what we hear all the time.

But what if writing isn’t your thing, you don’t have the time because let’s face it, you’re really good at what you do, you already have a great audience, you also know that a book would give you greater leverage and authority. Invisibility is a common problem, with more and more people becoming thought leaders and entrepreneurs, how do you rise above the noise and stand out?

Books are still the best way to get your message heard, and with so many ways of being published these days it’s actually very easy to do.

You say it’s easy?

Yes. Most things are easy to those that know how. To make a dent in the universe and inspire those that count though requires focus, commitment, purpose and intention.

How does Partner Publishing work?

We know how amazing it is when you hold your book in your hand for the first time and we also know of the immense effort that goes into writing and producing a book.

We know how important it is to get this right, from the cover design the editing of the words so they flow right, the formatting and designing of the book, the look and feel, which all goes to make the book yours, something you can feel proud of.

The amazing thing about our Partner Publishing is that you don’t have to write the book, you just have to know your topic and can talk about it. We co-create the entire book with you from title to content.

You see, you know your stuff and we know ours.

Can I send a manuscript?

No we don’t take manuscripts but we are open to you writing your own book, as long as it sticks to our format so that the information is easily accessible and isn’t a tomb. Most of our books are between 100 and 180 pages. We don’t do fluff or unnecessary words which dilute meaning and focus for the reader.

Do I need an agent?

No we’re sort of a cross between a traditional publisher and vanity publishing. If you have a great message that serves humanity, we coach you to give you Focus and Direction, we are very good at this and isn’t Free, this is the element you pay for. The rest is 50 – 50, you supply the knowledge we supply the rest. You become an Author with a global reach and distribution for your physical hardback, paperback and digital versions of your knowledge and talent. You become the Authority in your field.

What about marketing?

Now you’re asking for blood! We cannot guarantee that your book will sell or that you’ll ever make your money back. No publisher guarantees that, even if you get an advance, you still won’t see a penny until that advance is paid back in ongoing royalties. However if you already have an audience and a social reach of followers, or you’ve been on the TV, podcasting, blogging then we can help you with marketing advice and will get you as much PR as we can. We’re 50-50 partners so we’ll put as much work in as you. We don’t profit from a stationary book.

As some of our authors have found though the kudos of having a book is getting them more work. Although royalties won’t keep the bills paid the extra work does, leaving them more time to be brilliant.

What do I do now?

You can get more in our mini masterclass Be The Authority.

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