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Impromptu Hypnosis Demystified

Direct Suggestion Hypnosis doesn’t always need a trance state!

Truth is, as you are starting to learn hypnosis and considering your hypnotism training, then everything might be a shiny new penny to you, but hypnotism, especially impromptu hypnotism, in social situations with no trance, sleep and apparently, no hypnosis, should be demystified.

You know I’ve been blessed and have never had any trouble doing suggestion as waking hypnosis, let me tell you a story.

I was in a pub around 1994 and got introduced as the hypnotist to a group of friends out for a drink and saw the ‘step back reaction’.

Back then I could never resist and used to hypnotise anything that wasn’t moving fast enough. So I smiled and sat down.

My opener was designed to see if anyone was available for hypnotising but, if there wasn’t, no hassle, I’d just read their mind and move on. So in my best Hypnotist voice I said,

“Yes I am The Hypnotist but not today. Today’s my day off and today I’m doing mentalism magic instead. You’d like to see this, yes.”

‘Yes’, you should notice, is said as a statement of fact…

…not as a question and I ignore any comments or reactions except for the head nod. However the only reaction I got was a head nod from one girl and that’s how my somnambulist revealed herself.

It’s important that you understand that the word ‘somnambulist’ in these hypnotic terms is not a sleep walker as such, that’s the true definition of the word. No in hypnosis somnambulist is just a handy word to describe someone who accepts suggestions very easily. It’s a description, not a definition.

So having set the scene by first suggesting I was going to do something, something Magical and mental, I’d framed the next event quite nicely by raising their expectation that they were about to see something.

“Now this is daft I know but I need you to do me a favour. I need you to be everyone else’s guardian. Okay. Now you are going to guard this piece of paper.”

I took a scrap of paper from my pocket and folded it into the size of a 2pence piece and notice, I’d made both the girl and the piece of paper important with all the ‘Guarding’ stuff.

I continued in my best hypnotist voice…

“Now I’ll put the paper on the table like so, and you put your hand flat on top of it like so…. Great.”

I am now pressing on the back of her hand to physically embed the feeling I want her to have.

“Now, I want the rest of you to try really hard in turn to lift this young ladies hand, and you my dear must push down so hard these guys think your hand has been glued to the table just like magic. Cause it’s magic we are both doing today, yes, good. And nobody should ever see that piece of paper if the magic is going to work.”

After everyone had tried to lift her hand I say to the girl, “Okay now the magic that has happened is very simple, because you know how everyone failed to lift your hand, yes. Well now so will you. Just try as hard as you can but it’s stuck, yes.”

I now try not to look guilty, the role I play here is cheeky chappie sneaky but friendly. As she’s going red in the face trying to lift her hand. I continue, “Sorry but you know when I said it was my day off as a hypnotist? Well actually that’s tomorrow…

…And you are one of the best people at hypnosis I’ve met for a long time…

…be a shame to waste it! So, shall we see what else your mind can do, or shall I just give you your hand back and show you a simple trick….?”

By this time her four friends were egging her on they wanted to see what came next.. and she also wanted to see what she could do, and for me, well I like formal hypnosis and so did they. 😉

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