Podcasters Mastery

The definitive guide to boosting your celebrity with your voice

I’m guessing that you’re reading or listening to this because you might feel that you’re drifting through life in a lack lustre way and that being an entrepreneur or business owner is no longer connecting you to the life you want, or wanted to live, where every day you wake up with a YAY! rather than a disconsolate sigh…

Maybe you’re still stuck in your corporate cubical life listening to podcasters and knowing you could do that!

Hi, and welcome to Podcaster’s Mastery – The Definitive Guide to Boosting Your Celebrity With Your Voice

This is Jonathan Chase for HypnoArts Books, and in the interview which has created this book, I’m privileged to be talking with David Ralph whose podcasting expertise has set hundreds, if not thousands, of entrepreneurs and business owners on the right path to easily grow their business, explode their profiles and bring new and exciting opportunities to their lives and the lives of others.

Don’t Miss Out

I’m glad you’re here, and so won’t miss out on this unique opportunity to learn these skills that David has so generously given in the following pages.

In this book, especially for the entrepreneur and business owner, you’ll find that one thing that will re-connect you to your audience to give you more Free Time, a Profile Explosion and More Speaking Opportunities. Here podcasting expert David Ralph, guides you through the sure-fire steps that got him, in just a few years, to the number one business motivational podcaster spot on iTunes, and probably the world.

An Easy Online Marketing Solution

With a global reach of 5million plus downloads in 138 countries, and an easy online audio marketing solution that doesn’t need a team, expensive equipment or even a dress code; David came from the position you might be in right now, as you’ll see from his story a little after this, and can prove that podcasting will leave you hand’s free, so to speak, to lead a hassle and stress-free life on your terms.

Carolyn Cole, Host of the Boomtank Business Show says,
“Podcaster’s Mastery is outstanding! I now have a successful, global podcast I love, reaching prospective clients and enthusiastic listeners around the globe, who are buying my services. Having the podcast paved the way for me to grow my business much faster, in a defined, targeted way, with authority.”

Follow These Steps

If you follow the steps in Podcasters Mastery you can grow your audience and create more opportunities for yourself than you ever thought possible, and have more lunches with the family too.

As with any learnable skill, most of what you need is instruction and encouragement from someone who’s been there and done that. David Ralph is uniquely qualified to help you understand everything you need to know about online audio marketing.

What Is Podcasters Mastery?

David, in a few words what is Podcasters Mastery?

Podcasting as a format is quite new and it’s something that’s taken the world by storm. It’s really the ability to connect with people that you wouldn’t have been able to connect with previously unless you were phoning them or doing a discovery call or meeting them in a social environment.

Now, you can use your voice, your knowledge, your ability to convey that information via a podcast.

I think podcasting mastery is that ability to get that bridging of the gap, that connection with your ideal client without all the hassle that goes on behind the scenes of creating a podcast.

You know somebody once said, “the ultimate sophistication is simplification” or something like that.

I think it’s just finding a simple process to be able to connect with people almost on a one on one basis to convert them into customers.

This book will keep you focused, inspired and remove any barriers that are keeping you from creating a winning podcast.Mark Egan – Photojournalist

The eight easy steps David reveals in his book Podcasters Mastery, are the roadmap to launching your podcast and doing it quickly. I wish I would have had this when I started!” Dana Wilde – Best selling Author ‘Train Your Brain’ – Podcaster.

This book is a “must-read” for anyone who desires freedom from living the typical 9-5 corporate drudge.Steve Rezza – Knife Makers Mastery

Don’t wait…

…to get this book! Your business needs it. Podcasters Mastery by David Ralph published 26th June 2018.

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