STUCK SELLING YOU? – The Simple Guide To Self-Promotion by Serena S. Stone


In today’s world, much is said about authenticity, knowing yourself and others, and I’m guessing that you’re reading or listening to this because you’ve been boxed in by parents, peers, authority figures who are dictating and dominating your every move, that you’ve had too many confusing and conflicting messages about how to sell your business, your knowledge or you, that you’re no longer doing what you want to do, or being that person you really want to be.

Hi, and welcome to Stuck Selling You? – The Simple Guide To Self Promotion. This is Jonathan Chase for HypnoArts Books, and in the interview which has created this book, I’m privileged to be talking with Serena S. Stone whose varied and exciting life, has led her from a job in the military, through managing 7 figure businesses to the stages in Las Vegas as an entertainer.

Don’t Miss Out

I’m glad you’re here, and so won’t miss out on this unique opportunity to learn these skills that Serena has so generously given in the following pages so you can Stop Lying to Yourself, and have the Freedom to Choose Who You Want to Be

For the Self Employed

In this book, especially for the self-employed, you’ll find that one thing that will re-connect you to your true self so that you can present yourself with confidence and control. Here self-promotion expert Serena S. Stone, guides you through the sure-fire steps that got her out of the corporate world and into the entertainment world as Serena, which she loves and is coming from her true self and not what others have wanted her to be.

With an in to the world of celebrity, Serena can now relax whilst being totally flexible and authentic and sell her true self to the world of show.

Dr Richard Nongard, Mental Health Professional, Doctorate in Transformational Leadership says of Stuck Selling You:
“The best way to learn how to succeed, is to follow the path of success others have taken. Serena had every obstacle to success in her path, from little things, like living in Wisconsin; to big existential crisis and feeling comfortable performing as Serena. This book gives you an insider’s view on creating success through self-promotion and how she ended up a star at the iconic Safe-House in Milwaukee. By following her steps, you too will find your authentic self and where your star will shine its brightest.”

Follow these steps

If you follow the steps in Stuck Selling You, you can grow your audience and create more opportunities for yourself than you ever thought possible.

As with any learnable skill, most of what you need is instruction and encouragement from someone who’s been there and done that. Serena S. Stone is uniquely qualified to help you understand everything you need to know about self-promotion and selling yourself.

My favourite quote during the preparation for this book was when I heard Serena say…

“I am Serena, a person, anything else is commentary.”

Get this book now and let’s get you going.

What is Stuck Selling You About?

So, Serena, in a short sentence, or two, what is Stuck Selling You?

Well, Jon, Stuck Selling You, is when you are caught up in being anything other than yourself and are always selling yourself when interacting with others. This book gives you easy to do strategies and techniques to quickly change your core beliefs, your life script, for the better, stop selling you and start promoting you; all the while evolving the flexibility to adapt to situations and interactions with others and life’s challenges without compromising who you are.

When you are your true self, you begin to get what you want physically, emotionally, and spiritually without changing who you are. You experience more peace of mind, perhaps than you ever have before, and isn’t that what we all really want?

You no longer have to sell people on who you are, they see it in your actions.

“Serena helps you be yourself easily by sharing methods based in proven methods. Let her help you be you. You will be glad you did.”
Rex Sikesthought leader and developer of Mind Design™

“In ‘Stuck Selling You?’ Serena shares her very personal (and fascinating) life as a means to help you promote the person you truly are as opposed to selling the persona you’re taught to be. It’s an intriguing, well-conceived theory everyone can benefit from. Read it, learn it and live it!”
Dear RuthieNewspaper Columnist Shepherd Express

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