Social Media the Time Sucker

Social Media the Time Sucker

Time is one of our most expensive commodities, once spent it can never be recovered.

The rise and rise and rise of technology has in recent years become the worst waster of time in the universe, it serves to mesmerise and cause time-lapses, so that you find yourself consuming someone else’s opinion of the world in a seemingly endless emotional hiatus that sucks the very time out of your time purse, and one day it will be spent, your purse will be empty – there will be no more.

Once upon a time it was cool to smoke a ciggie even from a very young age, now it’s only cool to have a smartphone so you can while away your time being hypnotised by someone else’s opinion of you. How much of this kind of virtual social interaction is the cause of childhood anxiety?

Virtual Social Interaction

It is the world as we know it now, the age is upon us where virtual social interaction is the key, so is it not education that is needed here rather than denial? Should we as grown-ups accept and then learn ourselves to be Technology Conscious and then pass this on to our youngsters, just like Mindfulness, and Emotional Intelligence are the buzz words, should we not add, Technology Consciousness to this?

Be Technology Conscious

In his book Tech Off! Tim Moorey suggests research is being done that is showing that tech is creating a shift in behaviour.

“Now, there’s other research that’s coming through slowly and there’s some work done in the United States on this, whereby there are indications and a correlation between tech deployment, tech usage or proliferation and ADHD in children. The children of a very critical development age, the first two years, are being given technology via mum or dad’s IPhone or their own tablet, that actually they’re experiencing traits of attention deficit disorders and moving up the spectrum in terms of autism spectrum disorders.

And there’s other research that’s coming through now, that excessive screen time even in adults, with fast moving applications, frequent notifications, and easy access to vast information is causing a shift in human normal behaviour and development.”

Finding ways to use when you choose, is surely of paramount importance and through education we surely can take back control, and as parents we can become more conscious of our actions, which will inevitably cause more moderate behaviour in our children who can learn to enjoy this technological age and not have their time sucked away.

And as Tim Moorey says: “You can choose when you use” learn to control this new addiction and get your time back.

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