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Kate Guest Professional Hypnotist

A no nonsense approach to hypnosis clearly explaining what it is and what it isn't. Useful, informative, user friendly training.

Fons Vanderlayden Hypnotist

Great Course - I started from your video, hypnosis installed. It is already a good course. I loved the additional information through this part, and got even more insights...  Thank you and it is really worth to go again through so much information.

Jeanne Rominsky Hypnotist

Phenomenal - This is, by far, the best training for hypnotherapy. I'm already getting referrals and I've increased my fee's. I'm excited for the first time in a year after graduating from a traditional hypnotherapy school. Fantastic!

Mike Giles CEO Prospecting Wizard

If you want to learn about anything related to hypnotism you won’t find a better teacher/trainer than Jon Chase

David Heath Athlete

If you want to learn real, rapid hypnosis this has to be the best, funniest, fastest, memorable way to do it

Wayne Fearn Owner - Therapist Honed and Zoned

​Now I have met the man, the hypnotist from the infamous YouTube clips. He does what he says he does. Seldom do people project the reality

Den Laithwaite Airline Pilot

Just want to thank you both so much for a truly memorable, extraordinary experience

Lee Cozens Owner at Mind Change Life Solutions

Jonathan is a source of knowledge.

Richard Walker Owner Alamode Photography

​Loved it…I would do it again in an instant. Jon is a no bullshit teacher who gets straight to the point. Great

David Owen Business Coach, Hypnotherapist

The most inclusive short course I have attended. Immense commitment to delegates learning

Eva Gray Actress

The workshop is an excellent opportunity to acquire and practice hypnosis techniques that can be used in the field, professionally and/or just for fun!

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