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A no nonsense approach to hypnosis clearly explaining what it is and what it isn't. Useful, informative, user friendly training.

Kate Guest
Professional Hypnotist

Great Course - I started from your video, Hypnosis Installed. I loved information and got even more insights...  Thank you for so much information.

Fons Vanderlayden

Now I have met the man, the hypnotist from the infamous YouTube clips. He does what he says he does. Seldom do people project the reality

Wayne Fearn
Owner - Therapist Honed & Zoned

Meet The Founders of Academy of Hypnotic Arts

Jane Bregazzi

Jonathan Chase

Jeanne Romansky Hypnotist

Phenomenal - This is, by far, the best training for hypnosis. I'm already getting referrals and I've increased my fee's. I'm excited for the first time in a year after graduating from a traditional hypnotherapy school. Fantastic!

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