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We've been changing the lives of Entrepreneurs, Therapists, Consultants and their Clients since 2001. As a World Renowned Hypnosis, Personal Development Training Company, we can help you become a more confident hypnotist.

B A Confident Hypnotist with Jonathan Chase

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Jeanne Rominsky Hypnotist

Phenomenal - This is, by far, the best training for hypnotherapy. I'm already getting referrals and I've increased my fee's. I'm excited for the first time in a year after graduating from a traditional hypnotherapy school. Fantastic!

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Jane Bregazzi founder of Academy of Hypnotic Arts

Jane Bregazzi

Hi, from Jane Bregazzi

As an entrepreneur and former charity officer I teamed up with Jonathan Chase, one of Britain's Leading performing Hypnotists in 2001.

I became passionate about helping people change after our meeting resulted in my being cured of Social Anxiety Disorder that had plagued my decisions for 35 years.

Together we've created a world class company, training Hypnotists from all over the world.  Read More...